What is Signal app and How to use signal app ?

There is a new app in the market to compete on WhatsApp. Its name is Signal App, the thing about Kamal is that it has been created by his person from whom whatsapp was made. Nowadays , there have been many questions about the privecy policies of WhatsApp . Today in this post, we are going to tell you  What is Signal app and  How to use signal app .


If you are also getting annoyed by the news of whatsapp’s privecy policy and are looking for another option for yourself, then the signal app can prove to be a good option for you.

In this post, we are going to tell you in detail about this app, how to download, how to use and what is different from whatsapp .

What is a Signal app or Signal messeger:

The Signal app is a messaging app just like Whatsapp. You can download this online chatting voice call or video call from your friends. This is a non-profit organization that runs through the donation of the logo.

In this, you get end to end encrption for security. Just like in whatsapp you have the option to encrypt your chat, in the same signal you get the feature automatically.

Moxie marlinspike

This means that no one can see your chats, not even those who make this app themselves. Because of this, the signal is in the headlines so much.

The founders of Signal Messenger are Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton who launched it on 21 February 2018 in california USA. It also received 50million doller funding from a company called Acton.

Signal app kaise install or download how karen:

After knowing this Signal App Kya Hai , now knows how to do it. Signal messenger is available on all platforms. You can download it from android playstore from apple store and on windows.

To use it, you will have to create an account with your mobile number. If you do not know how the Signal app does it, then follow these steps-

Step1 – Open a Playstore or Apple store in your phone and search by typing Signal.

Step2 – App will be found in the name of Signal privet messenger and install it.

 How to use signal app:

After downloading the Signal app on your device, open it. Now to create an account in this, you will need a mobile number. You have to verify otp so the mobile number must be activated. After downloading the app, let’s learn how to create an account on the signal-

Step1 – Open the signal app from your phone.

Step2 – Click on continue when the app is open.

Step3 – Here the signal takes permission from you for the details of your phone’s contacts so that whatever is on your contacts signal app, you can see everything and click on continue.

Step4 – After this you will be asked for the permissions of contacts photos and phone calls, so that they can allow this app to run properly.

Step5 – Fill your mobile number and next.

Step6 – Now an otp code will come on your phone and fill it here.

Step7 – After this you have to create your 4 digit PIN so that whenever you open the signal app, no one can open it without the PIN.

Step8 – Your account has now been created, all you have to do is set it up here, write the name here and click on the photo and put your profile photo.

Step9 – Now some such interface will come in front of you Cookie, now you are using it puzzle bar, so the screen is empty. You can start chatting with your friends by clicking on the pencil icon.

By following these steps, you can create an account of your signal on any device. When you create an account on this, you will notice one thing that its interface is exactly like whatsapp.

You will hardly feel that you are playing a signal rather than WhatsApp. Just like you used to use WhatsApp, you can also start chatting with any of your contacts who have created an account on the signal app.

How to apply Status in Signal App?

Many people have the question of how to apply status in Signal. For this, you will get to see fake articles and videos on Youtube or on some websites, how the status is placed on the signal.

But let us tell you that there is no status feature on Signal yet. Maybe in this update, this feature will come in it, but till now you can not enter status in Signal.

How to watch Signal app me online or Last seen:

When you chat with someone online, it is written online. You must have seen all this on whatsapp or facebook, whenever you chat with someone, it is written online under the name.


But can you see anyone online even in the signal app ? Does it have a trick? This question is also being asked a lot.

If you have this question in your mind too, then let us tell you that right now you cannot see the person in the signal whether it is online or offline. As you can see in this image-

As you can see when you send msg and the person in front sees it, double tick comes but online is not written under the name. So the answer to your question is whether or not you can see the front person online or not.

Signal app me group kaise banaye:

You can create your own groups in Signal, in this you can add up to 1000 members to this group. It is very easy to group into signals. You can create as many groups as you want and you can add your friends to the group.

Follow these steps to form a group.

Step1 – Open your signal app.

Step2 – Now click on the 3 dots on the right side.

Step3 – Here you will find some options, click on the New Group at the top of them.

Step4 – Now add members to your group, you can add up to 1000 members. After adding the members, next.

Step5 – Write the photo and name for your group and click on create.

Step6 – Now your group has been formed, now you can share anything with your friends in it.

It is to be noted here that when you add members to your group, you are actually sending them a request to join the group. When they accept this request only then they join the group. You cannot add anyone to your group without their wishes.

How to make video call in Signal app:

You get many features in the Signal app, one of them is voice call and video call, you can make video call for free with any of your contacts. If you want, you can also call group together.

Step1- To make a video call, click on whoever you want to call.

Step2- After opening the contact, you will find options for both voice call and video call in the side of the name above. You can call anyone by clicking on them.

Step3- Now your call will be connected, you can click on the video icon to start the video call as well.

Like telling you that calls are also encrypted in the signal like chat. No one can see or hear it. To make a call, it is necessary to install an updated version of the signal in the caller’s phone and in your phone.

Signal app me fingerprint Kaise lagaye:

 How to use signal app now tells you about its privecy options. You get lots of privecy options in Signal.

As you saw while creating the account, you had made a pin for it. That Pin acts like a lock. But friends, if you want, you can also put fingerprint lock in it.

Although the fingerprint lock option is not there, but it gives you the option to lock the fingerprint lock of your phone by locking it. So let’s see how you can put fingerprint lock in the signal.

Step1 – Open your signal app and click on 3 dots in the right side.

Step2- Now the settings will open, open the Privecy option from it.

Step3- Turn on the screen lock option here. With this, whatever fingerprint lock will be installed in your phone, the same lock is now on the signal.

It may be that there is an inbulit fingerprint lock in the upcoming updates. But till now you will have to do this work from the lock of your phone. You can lock it from the lock of your phone, like paswword or fingerprint or pattern. In the Fihal signal, you only get the option of Pin.

Signal app me chat Hide / Unhide Kaise kare:

Hiding chat means that you hide any chat from your messenger. And only you can see it whenever you want. You get this feature in the signal, in this you can archieved any chat. With this no one will be able to see it on the homescreen.

Step1- Long press on any chat you want to hide.

Step2- Long press will bring up some options, click on the middle option among them.

Step3- By doing this, your chat will be high and you will see the Conversation archived written below.

Step4- You will see this hide chat under chats, click on the archived conversation to see them.

Step5 – If you want to unhide these chats from back then long press on the hidden chat. Above this, you will see 2 options. To delete a chat and to unhide one. Click on the first option and your chat will be unhide.

Be careful if you click delete then your chat will be deleted forever. So to unhide or hide chat, just click on the hide button carefully. As you can see in these images too.

How to change chat wallpaper, background or theme in Signal:

Like Whatsapp, the signal also gives you the option of applying background wallpaper in your chat. There are some pre-existing wallpapers in it and if you want, you can also put another photo in your phone in the background.

Step1 – Open the Signal app on your phone and click on the 3 dots on the right.

Step2 – Open the settings from here.

Step3 – In Settings, you will get the option of Appearance, click on it.

Step4 – From here you can change the theme language and chat wallpaper of your signal. To change chat wallpaper, click Chat wallpaper.

Click on Step5- Set wallpaper.

Step6 – Here you will find a lot of inbult wallpapers if you want to take a photo from your phone, then click on Choose from photos.

Clicking on Choose from photos will open your phone’s gallery. From these, click on any photo you want to apply. Now this photo has been set as its chat wallpaper. Come to the chat screen to check this.

You can change your wallpaper and theme any number of times. Just follow these steps whenever you want to change.

How to connect Signal to laptop or computer:

You can also connect Signal to your laptop or computer. For this, you will have to download the Signal app in your laptop. You will get this app from their official website. Then you can connect to your phone by scanning the QR code.

Step1 – Open the signal website https://signal.org/download/windows/ in the browser on your laptop and download the Signal app .

Step2 – After this install the downloaded signal app on your laptop.

Step3 – Here you will get a QR code.

Step4 – Now open this QR code and open the Signal app on your phone and click 3 dots on the right side.

Step5 – Click on Linked device from Settings.

Step6- Click the + key icon to connect a new device.

Step7 – Now scan the QR code that was opened in your laptop from your phone.

Step8 – Now click on the link device and go to your laptop.

Step9 – Here you have to write the name of your device. So that when you link a device again, you know which device you are connecting to. After typing the name click on Finish Linking Phone.

Step10 – Now Signal Sync will do all your contacts and groups so that you can see them in laptop or computer.

Step11 – Now your Signal is connected from your phone to your laptop. And you can start chatting with your friends.

Once connected, you will not need to connect again and again. Whenever you have to connect to any device, you can connect by going to the Linking device of Signal app in your mobile. You can also connect to your Apple Mac in the same way.

How to delete your account from Signal app:

If you have not liked the signal app or you have created an account on it, but now you want to use another messenging app.

So you can also delete your account from Signal . And again whenever you download Signal in your phone twice, you can create your account again.

Step1 – Open Signal in your phone and go to Settings.

Step2 – Click on Advance from the settings.

Step3 – Here you will get the option to delete, click on Delete Account.

Step4 – Now fill your mobile number, the number with which you created the account. After filling the number, click on Delete account.

Step5 – Now you will be asked for the last time whether you have to delete the account or not. To delete click on Delete account.

Once you delete your Signal account, you cannot get your data back. Therefore, before deleting, you should save your important data.

Final words on  How to use signal app in Hindi:

We have given you the answers of all questions related to Signal messenger like  How to use signal app or how to download. Now this messenger app is new, so it is expected to bring more new features when new updates arrive.

If the information is good, do not forget to share it. If you have any problem in using Signal or you have some more questions or suggestions, then write to us in comments.



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