How to check who reads your message in a WhatsApp group in 2021?

Hello friends today, we will tell you that when you message in Whatsapp group, who has seen the message in it because there are many people in the group

You people will want to see who has seen or read that message right now, read this post completely, then you will understand everything about who has seen the message in Whatsapp Group.

Nowadays, everyone uses Whatsapp because it has many features that make it easy for users to do things like share photos, share videos, and make many tasks easier. So let’s know who read your Massage in WhatsApp Group.

When you message someone’s number, two blue ticks come in, then you know that they have read your message, but if you message in Whatsapp group, then two ticks do not come so you know It is not possible to know who has read your message, or who has reached whom, 257 people can be added to a group.

You can see two things in the group, who has read the message and who has got the message, who can read your send message in the WhatsApp group, you cannot see the message of the other, how many people have read, You can only see your sent message, let’s know who has read your massage in WhatsApp group.

How to check who reads your message in a WhatsApp group

If you want to know about any message in Whatsapp Group, then you long press on that massage, after that three Dot will come, then click on Three Dot, after that, you will see the option of Info, then click on the Info option on the Info option. After clicking, you will see two options Read By and Delivered To, Read By will contain the number that has read your message and in Delivered To who has sent your message but has not seen it yet.

We wanted to give this small information to you, hope that you have understood this information if you like the information, then share it with people as much as possible.

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