How to Install WordPress Manually on Any Web-host?

 WordPress is an open source blog application. WordPress forked from b2/cafelog in 2003, and WordPress Mu multiple website functionality has been integrated since 2010. ToHday WordPress is the most used blog application powering millions of blogs and being used by tens of millions of people every day. Even you are one of those people who are willing to use WordPress to run your blog or Website. Recently here on BloggingChamps.Com we discussed how to install WordPress on Godaddy Hosting, if you are using you can use this linked article to perform automated installation of this awesome Content Management System on your Godaddy Sever.

In case you want to install it manually on you server, no matter which web-host you are using. In this guide I will tell you the complete procedure which you need to follow to install WordPress manually on any web-host.

To explain you how you can install it manually on any web-host I will be installing WP manually on one of our subdomain of BloggingChamps.Com. So that I can make sure you will be clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this guide.

How to Install WordPress Manually on Any Web-host?

So let us now get started with our guide and install WP on you web-host. To do so you need to first download WordPress on your local device i.e. your laptop or desktop computer. To download WP we need to visit their official site. Use this link provided here to directly open their website in new tab of your web browser.

The file will be hardly 8 MB in size, as of now on 13/07/2016 the latest version of WP is 4.5.3 which is of 8 MB which you will be getting in .zip file.

This guide contains five parts and they are:

  • Creating MySQL database and adding user to it.
  • Uploading WordPress to your server.
  • Extracting or unzipping WordPress on your server.
  • Editing wp-config.php file.
  • Executing WordPress files on your server.

Creating MySQL Database and Adding user.

Open your cPanel and scroll down and find Databases group of options, from there click on MySQL Database wizard. You can refer the image below for more detailed information about this step.

A Database wizard will be opened in front of you with the help of it you can create database for your manual WordPress installation. If you don’t get it don’t worry I will guide you with the help of images.

As you can see in the image above, you will be asked to name your new database. type a name of your wish and click on Next Step.

Enter a username for your database, enter a password and enter it again. (you will be asked to enter your password twice) Use a strong password, I am using a weak one because I am installing WP for demonstration purpose. At last click on Create User.

Now you need to add privileges to the user of this database which you have just created for your installation. You should add full privileges to the user to avoid any malfunctioning on your WP website.

To allow full control of the username click on All Privileges and after that click on Next Step, you will find this option at the bottom of you page. (Next Step option) When you click on Next Step you have successfully created a MySQL database and have added a user to it with full privileges.

We have published few guides on MySQL, you can read them if you wish to learn more about MySQL datbase management on cPanel servers.

Uploading WordPress to your server.

You have already downloaded the .zip file of WP right? If you have not downloaded it then, download it now. I have added a link to download page.

Now upload the .zip file to your sever using any of the FTP clients like FileZilla, CoreFTP etc. you should upload it to public_html folder. Make sure you upload it to that folder only.

Note: If this is the first WP installation on your server then only upload it to public_html folder. But if this is a add-on domain make sure you upload it to the directory of your add-on domain.

In my case I am installing WP on our subdomain whose directory is public_html/akash so I am uploading it there.

Once you have successfully uploaded the .zip file now move to the next step.

Extracting or unzipping WordPress on your server.

Now the next step is to unzip or extract the files on your server. To do so open your cPanel and enter your File Manager. Open public_html, you will find the .zip file there.

We have to unzip that file on your server so right click on the file and click on Extract, you will be asked for the path where you are willing to extract the files. As I have already told you if this is the first installation extract it to public_html. And if it is an add-on domain then extract it to the directory of that domain.

Enter the path to extract file and click on Extract File(s) all your files will be extracted within 10 seconds.

We have now successfully extracted WP to your public_html folder on your web-host.

Lets move to the next step now.

Editing wp-config.php file.

Open the directory (folder on your server) where you have extracted the files. i.e public_html.

You will find one file by name wp-config.php, right click on that file and click on edit. Refer the image embedded above for more detailed steps.

In that file look for,

// ** MySQL settings

You need to edit the thing which are mentioned below.

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', 'database_name_here');

/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'username_here');

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password_here');

As you can read they are and they mean:

DB_NAME: Name of your MySQL Database.

DB_USER: Username of the MySQL User which we have created our first step.

DB_PASSWORD: Password of the MySQL User which we have created.

Refer the image below for more clarity of what things you need to edit in wp-config.php

Once you have successfully edited database name, username and password click on Save Changes.

We have successfully a Database, added a user to the database. Uploaded and extracted WordPress files on your server and edited the wp-config.php file as well.

Executing WordPress file on your server.

We are at the last step of our task to Install WordPress Manually, we now need to execute the files of WordPress which we have uploaded to your server.

To execute the files you need to visit a URL of your domain name. I have mentioned the URL below.


In my case I have to visit

You need to replace with your domain name and visit that page.

You will be asked to select the language which you want your WordPress to be in. Select it and click on Continue.

When you click on Continue you need to give a username, password and site tittle to your manual WordPress installation and Administrator Email Address. Enter everything and click on Install WordPress. You can refer the image below for more clarity.

Now your have successfully installed WordPress manually on your web-host.

You can access your dashboard by visiting:

So this completes my guide to install WordPress Manually on any Web-host. I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this article. If you have any doubts you can leave your comment below. I will respond to your comment as quick as possible.

Do you know how you can take backup of your WordPress website from cPanel? If you don’t know I highly recommend you to read the articles linked below.

You should always keep an backup of your site to avoid any data loss.

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