How to set caller tune ? And How to remove caller tune ?

How to set caller tune and How to remove caller tune : Hello friends and welcome to a new post. In the previous post we taught you how to apply ringtone or how to make a ringtone in your name .

Today we will teach you  How to set caller tune and  How to remove caller tune in any of your SIM cards, irrespective of any company  .

You must have been bored listening to that corona caller tune calling you and in 2020. Now is the time to put something nice on your caller tune .

So that whenever someone calls you, he will get to hear your best caller tune. So let’s start this post and know all the information related to how to set caller tune .

What is Caller Tune?

Whenever you call someone, the sound of ring is heard. If you hear a song instead of that ring, it is called caller tune .

By applying caller tune in your sim, whoever calls you will hear that song or tune which you will apply on your caller tune.

Just as ringtone can be downloaded to your phone by downloading the song, similarly the caller tune is installed in the sim card, which has to be installed through the sim company.

How to apply Caller tune?

Caller tune is very easy to set up. For this, you must first see which company you are using a sim card.

The method of applying caller tune is different in every Sim company. Let’s know one by one how we can put caller tune in our sim.

How to tune caller in jio:

If you have a Jio phone or a Jio SIM, then you can tune the caller for free . But it has a condition.

jio me caller tune kaise lagaye For this you can set caller tune from jio saavan app or through msg . We will tell you both ways.


The thing to note here is that if you tune caller from jio saavan , then you get an option to tune 1 tune in 1 month.

If you want to play unimlited songs unlimted on your caller tune , then for that you have to subscribe to jio saavan which is 99rs per month.

The same if you tune the caller with msg, then you do not have to pay any subscription or any charge.

From Method 1- J io saavan app:

Jio me caller tune kaise lagaye For this you can take help of jio saavan app. Whether you have a small jio phone or an Android phone that has a jio sim. You can run jio saavan app in both.

Step1 – Open the jio saavan app in your phone and login.


Step2 – Play any song you want to tune the caller .

Step3 – When the song is playing, you can set the caller tune of your jio phone by clicking on the music icon in the side .

Step4 – If you have set the tune once from here, then on re-setting you will pop up to subscribe.

If you subscribe, any number of songs can be set by your caller tune from jio saavan.

Method2- msg to jio ki sim me caller tune kaise lagaye:

Step2 – Open the msg app on your phone.


Step2 – Go to the option to create new msg.

Step3 – Whichever movie you want to set a song here, write the name of that movie on caller tune and send it to 56789.

Step4 – Now you will get a list of all the songs of that movie in msg, in which a number will also be written. Send the number back to whichever song you want to choose.

Step5 – You will have a confirmation msg to confirm and send it by writing 1.

Now your caller tune is set. You can change the caller tune as many times as you want.

The good thing in this is that there is no money to send msg nor to change or choose songs. So in this way you can tune caller in your jio phone or jio sim .

How to tune caller in jio phone:

Step1 – Open jio saavan app in your live phone.

Step2 – Play any song of your choice.

Step3 – Now open the options by clicking on the menu.

Step4 – Here you will get the option of Set as jioTune, click on it.

Step5 – Now click on SetasJiotune again in the right side to confirm.

After doing all this, you will get a notification through msg that your How to set  caller tune on jio phone request will be fulfilled.

Now the person who calls you will hear this song that you have chosen on your jio phone.

Caller tune in Vi (idea and Vodafone):

As you know, both the idea and vodafone company have now been found and its new name is Vi.


So if you have an old idea or a vodafone sim, then the method of Vi will work in both of them to tune the caller.

idea and vodafone me  How to set caller tune:

Step1 – First of all, download and open an app named Vi Callertune in your phone from playstore.

Step2 – To login here with your mobile number, you have to verify otp.

Step3 – After login, here you will get the option of swip up, swipe it upwards.

Step4 – Here you will get the tunes which are free and swipe one more time, from here you can tune apne naam ki caller tune .

Step5 – If you want to search the song of your choice, you can also set it to caller tune but for that you will have to pay a charge.

If you want to apply the song, click on set, the fee will be cut from your balance and your caller tune will start.

How to tune collar in Airtel?

The caller tune in airtel is also called hello tune. Therefore, do not confuse its name, both are the same thing.


Although there are many ways to apply hello tune , but wynk music is your easiest and best method.

airtel me caller tune kaise activate kare For this you have to first download the wynk app on your phone and login with your airtel sim.

Step1- Open the wynk app to download from playstore.

Step2- After login, you will get all the latest songs here, if you want, you can search any song.


Step3 – Now play the song of your choice. After playing, you will find the written Hello Hello, click on it.

Step4 – You can also select more than one song. Now click on Activate for free.

In this way you can apply hello tune or caller tune in Airtel. You get caller tune for free. There is no hidden charge in it, just you need an active internet pack in Airtel.

You can start or change your halo tune from wynk musich as many times as you want.

How to tune caller in BSNL:

For this  How to set caller tune of BSNL, you have to go to the website and search for the song of your choice. You do not have to login to search the song.


Here you will find a code written in front of the song. This code has to be msg from msg to 56700. With which your caller tune will start in BSNL sim .

Step1 – First of all you have to go to your phone’s browser and open the bsnl tune site.

Step2 – Once the site is open, you will get a full list of songs here, you can also search if you want.

Step3 – In the name of the song you will get a code written. Whichever song you want to tune your caller tune, note the code written in front of that song.

Step4 – Now you have to come in your phone msg app and type new msg. In this order, you have to write the code which was noted from the website and send it to 56700.

On sending msg, you have to reply for confirmation. And plan for your caller tune is to choose how many days of caller tun e you want to apply .

Now your bsnl sim has the caller tune set . If you want, you can also change the song again by sending the code of any other song to this number.

In this way you will have learned any Phone mein caller tune kaise lagaya jata hai .

 How to remove caller tune?

You have tuned a caller tune but now you want to change it or turn it off? If yes, you can do this very easily.


Just like you activated caller tune, it can also be closed in the same way.

Let’s know as if you can turn off caller tune in your sim.

How to remove caller tune from jio phone?

To change the caller tune in Jio, you can change the song from my jio app or by going to jio saavan app . But if you want to close it, then you have to send a msg.

To stop Jio  How to remove caller tune or shut down, msg by writing STOP in capital letters on 56789.

After this you will get confirmation msg in which you have to reply by writing 1. The caller tune in your jio sim will stop as soon as msg.


How to stop caller tune in vi (idea and vodafone)?

Vi’s users, which includes both the idea and the vodafone company, have 2 ways to turn off the caller. You can either stop by calling or  you can deactivate caller tune through msg also .

If you want to stop with the call then call 155223. After calling you have to choose your language. Now you will be asked if you want to turn off the caller tune then press 1. By pressing 1, you can remove the caller tune in your vi sim.

If you want to do with msg, which is a very easy date, then for this you have to msg by writing STOP at 155223. To confirm, you can turn off caller tune vi by replying 1.

How to remove caller Tune in BSNL ?

Bsnl ki  How to remove caller tune or can be switched off by calling 57878940 or 56700. Or go to your msg and write UNSUBSCRIBE in capital letters on 56700 to msg.

In this way, you can easily remove the caller tune in your VI sim. If you just want to change the song, then you have to go to the ViCaller tune app and you can apply any song from it.

Be aware that you have to pay a charge to change the song.

How to remove caller tune in Airtel?

To turn off the caller tune in Airtel, you can either dial * 121 # or you can also disable the wynk music app.

Step1 – Open the wynk app and click on 3 dots in the right side.


step2 – Click on hello tune from the options .


Step3 – Here you will find the song which is on your hello tune. Click on the 3 dots in the same side.


Step5 – Click Stop hello tune here.

Step6- The last time you will be asked for confirmation, you can also change the song from here, but if it is to be removed, click on Stop hellotune.

By doing all this you will get confirmation from msg that your caller tune has been stopped. To start again wynk app can do.

How much does it cost to get a Caller Tune?

After knowing the  How to set caller tune , now let us know about its charges. Different companies have different plans. Zaydar companies have made this service free.


In Airtel you get a caller tune for free, when you talk about JIO Vi (idea and voda), then you get a caller tune free but with certain conditions.

In JIO you get the option to apply only one song in 1 month. If you want to change the song, then jiosaavan will have to be subscribed.

In Vi ie idea and vodafone you get only some basic tunes like hello namaskar busy such tune free. If you want to apply a song, then you have to pay a charge of 69rs per month.

In Bsnl also you will have to purchase plans which gives plans ranging from 7 days to 1 year. There are different charges for changing the song.

Final words

In this post you have explained all the methods of  How to set caller tune  and  How to remove caller tune . Hope you like the information. If you are still facing any problem, then you can ask us in the comments.

For any question or suggestion, you can comment or email us. We will definitely answer your query. And do not forget to share this post.



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