What are the Nameservers of GreenGeeks?

Have you purchased hosting from GreenGeeks? That’s great, you have done the right by choosing GreenGeeks as your web hosting company.

Because the service which they are offering is pretty good and you will not be facing any issues while your website is hosted by them.

They take the things very seriously and the speed of their servers is also good. But if you want to get the best speed then you need to choose the data center which is near to the location of your audience.

There are more than 4 data centers choices available. Choose any one of them but make sure that it is near to your location.

If you are looking for the nameservers of GreenGeeks then you will find them in this article. Because I have mentioned the nameservers to which your domain has to point.

GreenGeeks Nameservers DNS

And one more thing if you want to change the nameservers in GreenGeeks then follow this link. But if you want to know the DNS details then they are mentioned below.

Primary Nameserver: NS1.GREENGEEKS.COM
Secondary Nameserver: NS2.GREENGEEKS.COM

You have to enter these DNS details in your registrar account. I mean to say where you have registered your domain name.

I have some guides which you can help you to change the nameservers in some of the domain name registrars.

Let’s Wrap Up

So this was all about the nameservers of GreenGeeks. I have mentioned both primary and secondary DNS details above. I hope you are clear about it, but if you have any kind of doubts in your mind then you can comment down below.

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