What is Digilocker and how to use it in 2021?

The Modi government launched the Digital India revolution in India during its tenure of 2014-2019. This revolution made many government schemes and payments digital. Along with the transaction of money, many such online companies came into existence, which used to give you facilities like booking, recharging at home. There is a company in them, Digilocker, where today we will talk about what it is digitized and how to use it?


This app was launched to securely save documents online. It has been almost five years since its launch but still most people do not know about it.

That is why today we will give you detailed information of this app. What is DigiLocker in this article? You will get complete information about when, where and how to use it.

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What is Digilocker?

Digital Locker or DigiLocker is a kind of virtual locker, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2015. It is an important part of the ambitious program of the Government of India.

Through this, users can keep important documents like birth certificate, passport, educational certificate, etc. online. To get this facility, the user must have an Aadhaar card authorized by the Government of India.

If you understand in easy language, the way you keep your jewelry etc. in the bank locker. Similarly, digital locker is also a way to keep your documents safe.

The only difference is that here you save your documents online. That is, you can also call it an online vault to protect your important document.

You all know how important documents are in today’s time. If you lose any document by mistake, then you may face many difficulties. For this, it is important that you take care of them.

We have many documents like Pan Card, Voter Id Card, Passport, Driving License, Birth Certificate, Income Tax Return, which we often need.

We carry these documents manually which is a bit difficult and also unsafe. In such a situation, it is important to keep these documents in one place so that your family can easily access these documents in the emergency.

This is not possible if you have documents manually, therefore it is necessary to be paperless. However, for this you can use free cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

But both of them are operated by the US (foreign company). Therefore, no Direct Security is available under the IT Act.

Keeping these things in mind, the Indian government launched Digilocker to provide Personal Cloud Storage Service.

Digilocker is your personal online document storage facility provided by the Government of India. Each applicant of Digital Locker Scheme gets 10MB of personal storage space attached to Aadhaar.

Where securely e-documents and URI links can be kept. You can also e-sign all these documents which is similar to the process of Self Attestation.

How Safe is Digilocker?

Talking about the security of Digi Locker, it is as safe as our bank account or net banking is safe.

For security, in Digi locker also we have to create a user id and password. After that we have to link it to our Aadhaar card.

In addition, we also have to register our mobile number. Only after doing all these procedures can you create your account in the digi locker.

Such protection is not found in any bank’s website, even in net banking, it means that it is more secure than the bank’s net service.

What can I put in DigiLocker?

You should also know what documents can be kept in your live locker. So that you can use it properly.

Digi Locker can keep the following documents,

  • Driving License
  • Registration Certificate
  • Pollution certificate
  • Voter Id-Card
  • Pan card
  • Income Tax Return
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Marksheet of school, college
  • School, College Certificate
  • House, Land Registry
  • Important Private, Government Document

Now let us know how this digital locker can be used.

How to use DigiLocker – how to use Digital Locker

To use Digilocker you will need a little guideline. To secure all your documents on this, you have to create your account on its website or app.

Let us tell you about it step by step in detail.

How to create an account on DigiLocker?

There are 2 methods to create an account in Digilocker.

  • With aadhar card
  • Without Aadhaar card

The former is easier, so we talk about it first.

1. Aadhaar Card Moethd

You can sign-up in DigiLocker with the Aadhaar card number.

  1. DigiLocker is available on the Google Play Store. That is why from here you can install this app.
  2. Sign-up after opening the app.
  3. After this, enter your mobile number. You will receive an OTP. Submit OTP and set your user name and password.
  4. After creating a DigiLocker account, you can also sync Digilocker Account with Facebook or Gmail.
  5. You can scan and upload your educational documents and proof of identity / address here.

This was the way to sign-up through the app on Digilocker. You can also use the same method on the website.

2. Non Aadhaar Method

In this method, you can sign-up by Authenticate your mobile number and then manually upload your Identity and Address Proof.

After creating an account on Digitlocker, you can upload your personal documents in it, let us also know about it.

How to upload documents in Digilocker?

When you have created your account on DigiLocker, then you have to click on the option of upload documents to upload the documents. Note- Each file to be uploaded must not exceed 1mb.

  • Choose the Upload documents option.
  • Then press the Upload button.
  • Now select the location of your document.
  • After that select the file and click on the Open button.
  • Click on Select Doc Type for any document in the Upload Documents list.
  • Select the type of document from the drop down list and click on Save.

Note : – Keep in mind that the file format of your documents should be in Jpeg, Pdf, Jpg, Png and Bmp format only.

E-Sign Document / Certificate: There are E-Sign links in the uploaded document section for each uploaded document. After clicking on it, you will receive an OTP. After entering this OTP, click on the E-Sign button.

Let me tell you one more important thing, only one document can be E-Signed at a time.

How to share documents?

If you want to share your e-documents, then you get a share link in the section of uploaded documents. After clicking on it, you will be asked to enter the email.

Type the e-mail from which you want to share your papers and click on send button. You will be able to share only one document at a time.

Benefits of Digilocker – Benefits of Digilocker

What are the benefits of Digilocker? You may have come to know this from the information given above, yet here you tell it according to its profit point.

  • You can access it anywhere and anytime in the world.
  • You get guaranteed security here. That means your papers are completely safe.
  • Copies of Original Documents and Certificates can now be kept digitally and some Certificates such as Driving License, Registration Certificate, Marksheets are no longer required to be copied. Because signed copies can be obtained from the source, so that they become Verified Record Copy of Certificate.
  • Due to the verified records, you can get the marksheet of your college or school directly in your Digi account. Suppose you have studied from a college, your marksheet can be released directly in your DigiLocker.
  • Documents can never be lost in DigiLocker.
  • There will be no fear of getting lost after saving papers here.
  • You will not have to carry documents with you in interviews all the time. You can even give your company a link to the paper so that your document will be easily checked.

There are many other benefits, which are provided to us from Digi Locker, by using it we can keep our documents safe. It is a big deal that our documents are safe on the official website and not on any third party website.


Friends, in this post, we have told about the important scheme of the government which is really one of the biggest needs of today’s era. We learned what DigiLocker is and how it is used.

Also, in this article, we have told you about the safety and benefits of Digital Locker. We hope that now you have got complete information about it and you will also use it.

Also tell your friends about the government scheme so that they too can benefit from using it.


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