What is Zoom App? How to use zoom app [Complete Guide]

In this post, you will learn how to use zoom app   : Hello friends and welcome to another new post. The use of online video calls has increased drastically since the lockdown in 2020.

Everything from school college to bussiness meeting has started happening online. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about such an app or platform. In which you can add 100 to 1000 people simultaneously to a video call.

What is the Zoom app?  

Zoom app is a video conferencing platform, in which you can make group video calls with 100 to 1000 people simultaneously.

It is used in meetings or for video calls with large groups. In this, you get both free and paid plans.

Zoom is an American company created by Cisco Systems Company engineer Eric Yuan . It was launched for the first time in 2013 to use the common logo.

How to download Zoom app:

The Zoom app works on a cross platform, meaning that you can download it to your mobile tablet or computer / laptop. Let’s know that how to download zoom app in mobile

How to use ZOOM app in Mobile:

Step1 – Open PlayStore on your phone .


Step2 – Search the Zoom app.


Step3 – Now by clicking on install, you can download it for free.


Step4 – Once installed, the icon of the Zoom app will be created on your phone, which can be opened by clicking on it.


How to download Zoom app in Laptop / Computer?

Step1 – Go to your browser and go to Zoom’s website- Zoom.us/Download


Step2 – Here you will find download button, click on it.


Step3 – Now the zoom app will start downloading on your laptop.


Step4 – Once the download is complete, open it to install.


Step5 – Now the install will start, after the install is complete, you can use the zoom app in your laptop or pc.


You can download the Zoom app for free from its official website. However, inside it, you will have to buy plans to use some extra features.

How to create an account on Zoom:

Zoom app kaise use kare For this, you have to create an account on Zoom, which you can create from your gmail id or facebook id . You do not need a mobile number for this.

To sign up, all you have to do is verify your email id . To create your account on Zoom follow these steps-

Step1 – Open your phone Zoom app .


Step2 – Click on Sign up here.


Step3 – Choose your birth date, it is not necessary that you fill your correct date of birth.


Step4 – Here, you next fill in your email id and your name.


Step5 – Now you have to verify your email, for this you open the email id.


Step6 – Once the email id is open, here you will get an email from Zoom, open it and click on Activate Account.


Step7 – Now the new page will open from where you have to set your Zoom account password.

Here, you have to select yes and no to K-12. If you run a school that has work students for 18 years, then yes to it. If Adults is going to do it, then select No.

Step8 – Now you can invite anyone if you want. Just enter the email of the person you want to invite here and click on Invite.

If you do not want to invite now, you can complete your account by clicking Skip.

Now your Zoom account has been created. You can invite anyone for a video call from your invite link. Let’s know how to use Zoom app  

How to Zoom meeting Join or host:

On Zoom, you get the feature of hosting a meeting and joining the meeting. All you have to do is open the Zoom app or website.

How to join a meeting or class in Zoom:

Open the Zoom App or website , here you will get the option of Join a meeting, click on it.



Click on Join a meeting, here you have to enter the link of the meeting which you have sent to the meeting host.

Now you can join the meeting by clicking on Join now. It should be noted here that you cannot join the meeting without meeting invite Link.

How to hold a class or meeting on Zoom:

If you want to join many people together in video chat , or say to have a meeting, you can do it with the help of zoom.

Step1 – Open your zoom app or website, here you will get the option of Host, click on it.


Step2 – Inside the host you will get 3 options.

  1. With Video Off – If you want to keep video off in a meeting.
  2. With video on- if you want to put video on in the meeting.
  3. Screen share only- During the meeting or video call, if you want to show only the screen of your device, then select this option.

Step3 – Choose any option from the meeting host according to your need , if you are running Zoom on your laptop, then you have to install it first.


Step4 – Now your meeting will start from here you can invite anyone to your meeting.

Step5 – From here you can join anyone in the meeting through email or by sending invite link copy.


In this way, you can have any meeting or class on zoom . At the same time you can call with 100 people in it, and you can add 40 members in a group meeting.

If you want more than this, then you will have to purchase its plans. Should know about its plans.

Zoom app par profile photo kaise lagaye:

Step1 – To change or apply your profile photo or dp, open the profile in a Zoom account. Here you will get the option of My account, click on it.

Step2 – Here you will see your profile photo, click on change below it.

Step3 – Click on upload, keep in mind that the size of the image is to keep working with 2mb.


Step4 – Now you can put any photo from your gallery here. You can change your dp any number of times.


In this, you also get some add-ons, which you can buy according to your need. ad-ons means taking a few extra features.

For more information on plans, you can look at the official website of Zoom. If you keep a lot of discount on zoom, then you can also take advantage of the discount.

Alternatives of zoom:

You will find many more platforms like zoom on the internet. There are also some free and some paid plans.

  1. Google Duo (Upto 12 members)
  2. Skype (Upto 10 members)
  3. MS Teams (Upto 50 members)
  4. Adobe Connect (Upto 1000 members)
  5. Cisco Webex (Upto 100 to 10,000 members)

Final words on how to use zoom app  :

Zoom is a very lotus platform on which you can also make group video calls. Hope you have got the complete information of how to use Zoom app   .

If you are facing any problem now, then you can write us in the comments. For any suggestion or question write us in email or comment and do not forget to share this post.

FAQ queries:

Where is Zoom’s app?

Zoom is an American company that Cisco Systems company engineer  Eric Yuan  is built by

Is the Zoom app free?

In the Zoom app you get both free plans and paid plans.

Is it safe to use Zoom?

The government had already informed about the use of Zoom that there are chances of data leakage from it.

Is zoom Chinese?

No, but it is built by the engineer of chine.


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